4 Eco-Friendly Reasons To Sell Your Junk Car


If you have a junk car gathering dust on your property, selling it to a reputable junk car buyer isn't just an easy way to make a few dollars and clean up your yard. It can also help you do your part for the environment, and shrink your personal carbon footprint. Here are four reasons why selling your junk car can be the most eco-friendly option: 

Reuse Parts And Components

Even if your junk car is completely dilapidated, it probably has a few components that are still in good shape and can be returned to usable condition. Large, strongly built components, such as engine blocks and differentials, can often be salvaged, but small components such as door hinges and bearings can also be very durable.

Many cars sold to junk car buyers are disassembled for these usable components, which are then sold. More spare parts on the market mean less energy and materials need to be used to manufacture new parts, so selling your junk car can help lower manufacturing emissions.

This is especially true if your junk car is an older or rarer model. Spare parts for these cars are often custom-made, and custom manufacturing often has higher energy and carbon costs per part than mass production.

Recycle Materials

If your junk car is a totally unsalvageable wreck, the raw materials used to build it can still be reclaimed and recycled. Metals used in bodywork can be melted down and reused, plastics and timbers can be taken from interior trim and repurposed, and even fabric or leather seat covers can be stripped and reused. Recycling these materials carries the same benefits as other forms of recycling, and will help to minimize the amount of new materials that need to be manufactured.

Prevent Local Pollution

If your junk car is sitting idle on your property, it may be doing hidden damage to your local environment. Oil, transmission fluid, and other poisonous fluids can leak out of your junker and into the soil, damaging nearby plants and animals. In extreme cases, these fluids can leech into the local groundwater supply, contaminating nearby wells and water sources.

Decaying auto air conditioners can be especially bad for the environment. If any refrigerant is left in your car's air conditioning system, it can leak into the atmosphere. These refrigerant gases cause serious air pollution, and can also be dangerous to your health. Selling your junk car will ensure that any environmentally damaging substances are properly disposed of.

Reduce Emissions

Even if your junk car is repairable, spending the time and effort to restore it to working condition may not be a good idea. Car engines have become a lot more fuel-efficient and eco-friendly, and modern cars produce considerably less toxic emissions than cars made just a decade or two ago. Selling your junk car and putting the money towards a new, green vehicle is usually the more environmentally friendly option.

Contact a local company, such as Cash For Cars, to learn more. 


19 June 2023

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